We tried to do it all. Be all to everyone on every possible social media channel out there. Plus manage our small business and demanding workload. We’ve outsourced until our brand got lost. We’ve had enough. 

These are the conversations I’m having with small business owners specifically in the Minnesota marketplace in the architecture, landscape architecture and design industry. But frustration is no excuse not to have a plan. And so to delve into these questions and bring some sanity to small firms’ social media and traditional marketing, I started SparkTrack Consulting.

It’s always been about balance and efficiency in my world. SparkTrack reflects my approach to communications: how do you spark content and topics worth talking about and how do you effectively track, analyze and improve your path?

We start by asking questions like:
Where do you need to be? which btw, is as important as where you don’t need to be
What are your strengths?
What are you already doing that you can easily repurpose?
Where is your audience?
If you had to choose a single social media channel and do it well, what would it be?

Ready to get some answers? Contact me!

Jennifer Gilhoi, SparkTrack Consulting


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